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Meeting. Training. Engagement.

Are you tired of meetings where only the presenters get to speak and most of the participants leave without having the opportunity to contribute? 

It is time for better meetings, trainings and engagement! 

I turn boring meetings into time well spent, participatory and engaging virtual events. Webinar, training, workshop, Board Meeting, you name it! I help you as a producer from either behind the scenes (managing the virtual platform, questions, polls, break-outs, etc.) or be the facilitator and lead the event. It takes the burden of multitasking off of your shoulder, so that you can do what you are the best at. 

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Professional help with meetings, facilitation & trainings

Virtual Team Meeting


Do you want all the hassle of virtual events to go away and be able to just be there and talk to your audience? I take the burden of managing all the moving and unexpected pieces of virtual events. You just sit back and engage your audience!

Online Discussion


Do you need a professional to keep your virtual meeting on topic, on time while creating an atmosphere of participation and collaboration? I apply best practices to designing engaging agendas and use technology to accomplish the meeting's goals, not to deter from it.

In a Meeting


Does your leadership team need a training or refresher on practical management concepts like leading difficult conversations, motivating employees and develop their talents? Do you want to bring a team together to get back on track or start off the right way? I design and deliver strengths-based training programs to fit exactly what your organization needs.

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Over the 10 years I've spent in the field of training & development and employee engagement, led and participated in countless meetings, workshops, webinars, trainings. The events that stood out are the ones that were created for the participants. Unfortunately it is not the norm. More often than not, it's all about presenters talking and trying to squeeze in 5 more slides in 5 seconds and the audience's experience is just an afterthought. 

I'm a Certified Virtual Facilitator, Project Management Professional by PMI, Leadership Development & Succession Strategist and Strategic HR Business Partner by HCI. I've worked with different assessments (e.g. CliftonStrenghts, DiSC, MBTI, EQ 2.0, LIFO) to develop & deliver customized training curriculum for leadership teams, department heads, first-time supervisors. 

My best practices for creating and facilitating virtual meetings ensure that every participant is invited to contribute while we accomplish the objectives. I'll work with organizations and teams that want to make their virtual events matter. Get in touch to learn more about my approach! 

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